Digital Media Signage

Digital Media Signage and Video Wall

Create exceptional digital experiences is what we strive for.  Stand out of the crowd, in today’s world clients are bombarded with advertising.  Digital signage and video walls are a way to stand out.



Why us:

  • Our software is free
  • No monthly cost or yearly cost
  • Use any TV anywhere you can access Internet
  • Access thousands of video files and images for free
  • Control and change your panels from any computer and instantly change the signs
  • Build and design kiosk
  • Touch screen capability
  • Add twitter feeds, Facebook, weather, live TV and much more
  • Private free media server
  • Our media box is just plug and play


Here are the 5 best reason to use digital signage

1.Digital signage in public area reach more clients the YouTube videos & Facebook

70% of Americans recall a digital display compared to 40% on YouTube and 41% on Facebook

2.Customer engage, they just don’t look

On those statistics, 45% recall what the ad was about

3.Digital Signs drives impulse buying and profits

20% of consumer purchase by impulse, it’s an easy way for you to increase your profit by promoting these that make money for you.

4.Clients spend measurably longer time looking at digital signs

It is just common sense that a person would look longer at an animated sign than traditional one.

5.Digital Signage motivates customers to action.

A study shows that clients call to action are 100 times more effective with digital signage.