Terms & conditions

Terms & conditions

  1. A one-year manufacturer limited warranty is offered through ORIGINAL POS on the equipment that it sells. This warranty covers the repair to/or replacement of the said equipment, at ORIGINAL POS discretion.
  2. ORIGINAL POS can only be held liable for the specific undertakings stipulated in the sale-purchase contract. Any modification to the estimate or another part of the contract must be agreed to in writing, by mail, fax or email.  Work resulting from modifications to the contract will be billed at an hourly rate of $75, with a minimum charge of one hour
  3. Network cables are tested and in full working condition when sold
  4. ORIGINAL POS does not provide any warranty on the sale and/or installation of software.
  5. Withing the first 14 days of purchase, in case of defective equipment we will replace the unit at no cost.  No refunds.
  6. After 14 days, in case of defective equipment it is the clients responsibility to return the product at their cost in the original package.  Please contact our repair department prior to shipping the product back.  Once we have received the package ORIGINAL POS will run test to determine if the product is defective.
  7. In case of defective product ORIGINAL POS will cover the cost of shipping for the replacement unit.  ORIGINAL POS is not responsible for any data on the tablet it is the clients obligation to backup the tablet prior to shipping the product back.
  8. ORIGINAL POS is not responsible or liable for damage caused by viruses, downtime and/or system crashes that may occur during the period of the contract period.
  9. Fulfillment of the conditions of this contract by ORIGINAL POS. will be deemed to have taken place when the specific commitments listed in the estimate have been met: for example for equipment sold, when the latter has been delivered, set up and is in working order. Modifications to the contract do not delay the finalization of the implementation of the original contractual agreement.
  10. Payment is to be made in full prior to shipping
  11. Some of the equipment sold can be refurbished equipment and is considered to be new. It is covered by a one-year warranty
  12. ORIGINAL POS reserve the right to terminate the access of abusive users or to terminate the access to users who do not follow the rules and guidelines.
  13. All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only.  Actual product may vary due to product enhancement.
  14. Before you can use the services provided by Loyverse, please read carefully these Terms of Use. These Terms of Use contain mandatory requirements that must be carried out when you use the www.loyverse.com web site, as well as services, applications and content provided by Loyverse.

    When you register with and / or use Loyverse in any way, including, but not limited to, accessing, or browsing the Site, you agree to all the terms and conditions set forth herein (hereinafter – the "Terms of Use"), which also include the Privacy Policy, Advertising Policy, and Cookies Policy, as well as all other conditions, rules or guidelines, which are periodically added to the Site as a reference and are updated by Loyverse with no prior notice.

    In addition, some services that are provided via Loyverse may be subject to additional Loyverse terms and conditions. The use of such services is governed by these additional terms and conditions, referenced in these Terms of Use.

    These Terms of Use were updated on November 23, 2017.



    Under these Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy, the following terms have the following meanings, unless the context otherwise requires:

    "Loyverse" – the collection of Software, Applications, Sites, services, documents, text, graphics and other materials that make possible using the Services.

    "Application" means the software provided by Loyverse, including the Merchant application, providing the Merchant with an opportunity to carry out his/her own loyalty program, to send special offers to the User and the User's application, which provides the services of Loyverse, any updates, and any other software that enables one to use Loyverse

    "Site" means the www.loyverse.com website, including, also, any other websites that will emerge in the future in accordance with these Terms of Use.

    "Services" – services provided by means of the Site and / or Loyverse applications.

    "Content" – text, graphics, audio and video materials, documentation, information posted in Loyverse (on the Site and / or in the Application), perceivable by a person or with the help of special devices.
    “Merchant” – any person using the Merchant app, sales as well as the Loyverse Site.

    “User” – any person using the User application, Loyverse Site and / or who has given the consent to the Merchant to be registered with Loyverse.

    "Rewards" – these are points, bonuses, discounts and other offers that are provided by the Merchant to the Users and which act exclusively in the shops of such Merchants.

    "User Account" – a collection of user data stored in a computer system, necessary for his/her identification (authentication) and the provision of access to his/her personal data and settings in Loyverse and which is assigned a unique identifier, ID-code, stored in the Loyverse database.

    "Personal information" –  information provided by the Merchant and / or User during registration (obtaining personal password / login), and at the creation of the User Account.

    "You / Yours" refers to the User or the Merchant (where appropriate).


    Use of the Site and Services

    The description of the Services provided by Loyverse, as well as the links to the Applications is listed on the Site. In accordance with these Terms of Use, you can use the services independently and can not use them on behalf of and / or in the interest of third parties.

    Using the Site and browsing the Content does not require registration.

    The User can start using Loyverse without establishing a User Account, by telling the Merchant his/her e-mail address; but to use certain features of the Applications, one must be registered with the Loyverse and create a User Account. By this, You guarantee that the registration information provided by You (including, among others, Your name ("User Name"), e-mail address and password that You will use to access Loyverse, is provided in good faith and does not infringe the rights of third persons. Failure to comply will be considered a violation of these Terms of Use, which may lead to the immediate deletion of your User Account from Loyverse.

    The User can use the Application without confirming the e-mail address he/she specified (provided). The confirmation of the e-mail addresses can be completed at a convenient time, and is a prerequisite for the use of rewards accrued to him/her, if any.
    The use of the information obtained during the registration process is governed by the Privacy Policy.

    Persons under 13 years of age (or under another age established by law in the relevant jurisdiction) may not use Loyverse. Persons under the age of majority, may use Loyverse, with or without registration, only with the approval of a parent or guardian, unless otherwise provided by the law in the relevant jurisdiction.